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Potatoes grow in bags at Project Spudnik


Project Spudnik is a mash-up of the movie “The Martian” and Sputnik, the first satellite in space. Teen participants in Calvert Co. watch the movie and are then challenged to raise potatoes in grow bags. With Master Gardener guidance they make their own soil, as did the astronaut in the movie. If the teens are successful, they survive; if not, they perish on Mars.


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Fight family cabin fever


Grow vegetables with your kids! It doesn't take much money or space to grow fresh, delicious produce.


The HGIC Youth Gardening web page has some resources to help you, especially:


We also have information on raised bedscontainer gardens, and growing transplants.

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Gardening Trends- New Plants 2020

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It is time for the Mid-Atlantic Nurseryman's Show (MANTS) in Baltimore. After attending the show in January, I am stoked for the 2020 gardening year and the new plants that are hitting the nursery shelves..(read more)