Elves at Work

In the days after Thanksgiving, the Hands and Hearts of Charles County Garden Club gathered together in the spirit of the holidays to craft wreaths from locally grown and harvested pine, magnolia, boxwood, cedar, holly and spruce. In a small workshop at the Charles County Fairgrounds, we worked fashioning exquisite wreaths for homes and businesses in the county. We worked for more than 2 days gathering from the fields and yards of family and friends as well as some local businesses. We then brought together all these natural gifts and made wonderful symbols of the holiday and the southern traditions that we grew up with.

We also made small arrangements in seasonal cups for the Veterans at Charlotte Hall - a gift to them for what they have sacrificed for all of us.

It is a tradition that we all enjoy and is the start of the Christmas Season for most of us. Older members showing new members the tricks of wreaths, boxwood trees, magnolia medallions and all sorts of holiday decorations.

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