Charles County Fair Flower Show

Location: Charles County Fairgrounds

                8440 Fairgrounds Road

                La Plata MD  20646
Season: September 14 - 17, 2017


Events at the Fair

  • Flower Show

  • Herbs

  • Horticultural Exhibits


The club’s Fall Flower Show  “All Things Wine”.  The design class titles included: Medal Winning Wine; Sommelier; Bubbler; Oak Barrels; Trellising; Popping Corks; Vineyard Rows; and Cool Carafes.

The Youth design titles are: Stomping Grapes and Vines Gone Wild.

Horticultural Exhibits showed the talent of the County's residents and all the different things they grow in their gardens. Potted plants, flowers, herbs, landscaping plants filled the front of the Flower Building and amazed the Fair-goers.

Final Results

2017 Charles County Garden Club Flower Show

held at the Charles County Fair

September 14 - 17, 2017

 "All Things Wine"


Top Exhibitor Awards


Award of Horticulture Excellence

            Beaucarnea recurvata (Pony Tail palm)                              Mary Lilly


Award of Merit

Section A, Class 4b, Cleone hassleriana                                            J. Fruh

Award of Merit

Section C, Class 31, Gladiolus, CV 'Peter Pan'                                  Ann Lines

Award of Merit

Section E, Class 40, Caladium, 'Fredia Hemple'                              Melonie Coe

Award of Merit

Section J, Class 72, Allium tuberosium (Garlic Chive)                     Betsy Parbuoni


Arboreal Award

Section H, Class 64c, Fatshedra, 'Lizet'                                            Ann Draper

Arboreal Award

Section I, Class 66, Picea alba (Norway Spruce)                            Betsy Parbuoni


Grower's Choice Award

Section K, Class 78,  Saintpaulie (African Violet)                            J. Decker

Grower's Choice Award

Section L, Class 88, Beaucarnea recurvata (Ponytail Palm)          Mary Lilly



Award of Design Excellence

            Section M, Class 90, Sommelier                                            Lisa Gillespie


Tricolor Award

Section M, Class 90, Sommelier                                                        Lisa Gillespie

Petite Award

Section P, Class 98, ... White Grapes                                                  Jane Hobbs

Table Artistry

Section Q, Class 101, Cool Carafes                                                    Sylvia Deck


Youth Award (Juniors)

Section R, Class 103a, Grapes Gone Wild                                          J. Burris

Youth Award (Intermediate)

Section R, Class 103b, Grapes Gone Wild                                         F. Castleberry

Youth Award (Advanced)

Section R, Class 103c, Grapes Gone Wild                                          M. Hanson